A robot is only as reliable as the program that controls it.

TruPhysics develops simulation software solutions to support robot development and its control programs by using a real-time and high-resolution
physics simulation.

TruPhysics Simulation Suite

1. Design

Design your robot with your favorite CAD-Software like Catia or Siemens NX and import your models directly into TruPhysics. Or design your own robot directly in TruPhysics Studio – It’s free!

With the TruPhysics Studio you can:

– CAD model of robot
– CAD model of accessories (sensors and actors)
– Optical design and surface (colors)

2. Define

A robot in a simulation should do more than look good – it should have functions and move himself and objects in his environment. Use our free version of TruPhysics and create digital twins with:

– Joints and degrees of freedom (Rotation and Translation)
– Functionality on circuit diagram

3. Develop

With TruPhysics Planer prepare a scene with robot and its development environment. Download existing patterns or programs from TruPhysics Catalog or generate your own programs in the offline mode for:

– path planning programs
– gripping patterns (based on the object shape and behaviour)
– multiple variations for every use case in scene

(not free, but it works on Windows and is easy to install and use – so its worth it!)

4. Debug

A robot is only as reliable as the program that controls it. For debugging the programs we developed a performant GPU-based Simulation Environment – TruPhysics SimCore. Now you can:

– Simulate the digital twin in a physics based environment (e.g. moving and gripping objects)
– Run and validate different use cases automatically (Release 2017)
– Protocol and rebuild function critical parts of code (Release 2017)

5. Deploy

Switch to the online mode and run the control programs in the real environment to:

– Verify the program in teaching mode
– and finally run the program

TruPhysics News

Awards & Fundings


IKT Innovative Awards 2015 by BMWi and VDI/VDE Innovativ und Technik GmbH

TruPhysics is nominated for IKT Innovative Award at CeBIT ’15 for the concept of “virtual online Programming” for debugging robot control programs.

TruPhysics is supported by government program “Young Innovators”.


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