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TruPhysics AI Platform

TruOS is the brain of the new generation of intelligent robots. It controls every component of the robot system and enables the user to program and operate the robot intuitively and quickly without any previous knowledge or programming experience. Users can extend the capabilities of their robot with a wide range of skills available in the marketplace that are continuously adapted to the user's changing needs and requirements and the data they collect.

Buy robot in a store

Download the TruOS Smart Control App and connect it to the robot

Programm the robot and teach it new tasks

After the training, the robot finds generic solutions for individual tasks

...and becomes our reliable assistant in every day life!

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TruOS - Robot Operating System
TruOS controls the mobile base, the robot actuators and the gripper as well as all other accessories. Via a fast and latency-free Internet connection such as 5G, TruOS can access a wide range of AI services and computer resources, e.g. to train new and deepen existing capabilities.
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TruOS - Smart Control App
In addition to the robot's HMI screen, the user can download the TruOS Smart Control App from the App Store or Play Store. The TruOS Smart Control App allows the user to easily program and operate the robot while optimizing and deepening selected skills.
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Skill Marketplace
Our skill marketplace provides a community platform to promote skills and related services to customers to continuously optimize the performance of their robots. The community creates new AI skills and responds to requests and requirements. The native SDK and developer platform allows third parties and developers to create and offer their own skills and services to robot users.
Skills Overview
Optimized intelligence through continuous skill development
The skills offered on the Marketplace are intended to teach the robot advanced tasks even without any prior programming knowledge. They can be divided into 4 different categories for training and implementation, as seen above. Those categories include Vision, Speech, Sensors and Remote. Those can then be further classified as either AI based (e.g. Deep Reinforcement Learning), OpenCV (e.g. Face Recognition) or general Services (e.g. API to other platforms or tools as remote navigator services).
Different skill sets may overlap and be used in combination in order to train robots on given tasks depending on individual requirements.
As an example, the “Follow Person” skill includes aspects from both the Vision and Sensors skill set needed for training, implementation and optimization.
*AI: Artificial Intelligence Are trained Neuronal Networks based on Machine Learning, (Deep) Reinforcement Learning or other networks. Skills can be pretrained and have to be optimized for individual purpose, so training happens in the scalable GPU supported learning environment. physics-based skills additionally can be pretrained in simulation | *OCV: OpenCV Framework OpenCV offers performant and non-Machine Learning approach based on camera information | *S: Service Skills, with runtime services enable access to outsourced computing, human navigators, or other services as databasesThese Services have monthly or “On-Demand” purchase models
Robot operated with TruPhysics AI
Smart robots need smart control software. Together with our partners such as AVA Robotics, i-botics, Kinova, Universal Robots and Onrobots TruPhysics develops innovative full stack solutions for specific customer requirements.
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Our robot for mobile industrial, intra logistic and manufacturing aplications such as bringing material from stock to assembling or packaging stations 
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TruPhysics robot for applications in nursing homes, the healtcare sector and for private use, for instance for cleaning tasks bringing drinks and opening cans