TruPhysics Artificial Intelligence
Hardware agnostic platform for smart robotics solutions

Our vision is to enable robots to understand our world and to support mankind in their daily operations both in private as well as business environments. With TruPhysics AI we created a full-stack platform to empower robots to learn and solve tasks by individually trained solutions.

Current situation & problems
Various robots in the industrial sector are used for logistics, manufacturing and pick and place tasks. Currently, solutions are predicated for defined picking environments, known products and specific placement locations.

It is very difficult to compute the grasping positions in uncertain environments and for handling uncertain objects. The complexity increases if the gripper has more than one joint (e.g. 3-finger gripper), because of various alternative grasping strategies for the same task. The rule based computed results for a grasping point with grasping strategy lead in most cases to errors.
Additionally, individual environments enhance the problem of reaching and grasping, because of need of intelligence to handle with obstacles e.g. pushing the obstacles away to create another arbitrary situation.

TruPhysics Artificial Intelligence
TruPhysics AI highly performant and realistic simulation of physic-based robotic operations empowers robots to precisely solve tasks by handling known and unknown objects in an uncertain environment.
TruPhysics AI

TruPhysics AI offers a full-stack platform with the following modules:

AI SIM enables a highly scalable generation of synthetic and real training data for handling tasks of industrial and service robots. A client-server architecture enables management and setup of simulation environments and runtime simulation of physic-based scenarios in scalable cloud infrastructure.

AI SKILL is a catalog for smart skills and task templates, where AI experts can develop own smart control applications for various robots. AI SKILL includes an API to AI SIM and to real robots in order to continuously optimize the accuracy and success of skills and tasks.

AI CONTROL enables users to control and program a robot directly or remotely as well as purchase the existing AI Skills for the robot.

TruPhysics AI is one step ahead of the future because it is used in the B2C sector e.g. for home- & healthcare to perform great even when there are complex and individual tasks.

Current R&D projects

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