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Robert M2
Our Truphysics robot for safe and cost-effective applications in nursing homes, the healthcare sector and for private use.
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More time for what really matters in life - save time and money for yourself and your family
Remote delegation of household tasks (time-efficient)
Monitoring purposes 24/7 (increased level of security)
Guaranteed efficiency, accuracy and safety through automated processes (plus fast adaptability) 
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Office Management
Effective time and cost savings - without compromising quality
Highest degree of precision through automation (processes and tasks)
Easily adaptable to changing needs (time and cost-effective)
Autonomous operations (reduced monitoring requirements)
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Robert - the key to a clean, safe and efficient environment for hospitals, medical practices and surgeries
Administrative tasks
Transport and dispensing of medication (time and cost-effective)
Sanitation (highest possible standards guaranteed)
Effective, fast and safe health care (patient-doctor communication tool, quarantine and treatment measures)
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Nursing Homes
The bridge between a reduced workload and emotions
Supply and administrative tasks 
Instrument for communication between patients, staff and relatives 
Medical care 24/7
Communication of emotions and reaction to individual needs
Companionship (reduces autophobia)
Early detection system in case of emergencies

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