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Robert M1

TruPhysic's efficient and versatile robot for mobile industrial, logistics and manufacturing applications and for optimizing existing processes using generated data sets. 
Possible applications and advantages at a glance 
  • Automated material transport
    For example from the warehouse to assembly or packaging stations.

  • Quality optimization
    Through fully automated and scalable processes.

  • Cost and time savings
    Reduce personnel costs, eliminate human errors and increase productivity.
  • Automated data collection and generation
    For the optimization and expansion of industrial processes.

  • Versatility
    Simple and smooth integration into existing processes and systems. 
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TruOS - Robot Operating System
TruOS is the brain of the new generation of intelligent robots. It controls every part of the robot system and enables the user to program and operate the robot intuitively and quickly without any prior knowledge or experience.
TruOs controls the mobile base, the robot actuators and the gripper, as well as all other accessories. Via a fast and latency-free internet connection, TruOS can access a wide range of AI services and computer resources, e.g. to train new skills and improve existing ones.
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Access to the Skill Marketplace
Users can expand the capabilities of their robot with a wide range of skills available on the marketplace, which are continuously adapted to the ever-changing needs and requirements of the user, as well as the data collected by the user.

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