Product Launch of ARSales Configurator with Elabo @electronica2018

Product Launch of AR Sales Configurator with Elabo @electronica2018

We are proud to innovate the way of consulting 3D layout planning for Elabo Equipment. With our AR Configurator, Elabo’s Customers can experience their individual Elabo-Configuration in their own environment. With the “empty room”-function you are also able to clean the furnished environment in order to avoid occlusion effects.

Never heard about TruPhysics AR Configurator? Then check out the benefits of our sales application:

  • avoid misunderstandings in the sales process and let your customers profit from this next level of communication
  • impressive visualization of real-size in a predestinated environment
  • 3D based configuration process reduces complexity and avoids plausibility mistakes
  • measurements and 2D layout with a picklist of the configuration
TruPhysics AR Sales Configurator TruPhysics AR Sales Configurator