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ARtour Assist
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Offer your customers real-time support with the use of Augmented Reality. Communicate via video call and send instructions directly to their screen.

Possible applications for your company.
Remote Guidance
Possible applications for your company
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Augmented reality
Your customers want to assemble your machine on their premises. With ARtour Assist you can provide them with step-by-step instructions, based on 3D models, videos and images, to independently guid them to the end result. For a maximum level of usability each step can be viewed individually.
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Simplify internal training processes
Your employees and trainees have to continuously familiarise themselves with new machines and processes. With the ARtour Assist you can upload detailed instructions and make them available to your employees for autonomous learning.
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Offline and online use
To give you a maximum level of flexibility, you can use our app both online and offline. For example , a customer would like to install one of your machines on an oil rig on which the Internet connection is very weak. With ARtour Assist he can easily download instructions and videos in advance and use them offline.
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Visual support for fast problem solving
Your customer wants to repair one of your machines and is unsure where to install which component. Via video call with screen sharing function you can easily provide instructions on his screen. The customer can also send you his own pictures and videos, to which you can then add arrows or text in order to guide him through the process.
Which functions does ARtour Assist offer for your business?
Video Call with Navigation Aid
Assist your customers via Video Call and provide real-time instructions via their screen in the form of navigation arrows, or by drawing into their images or videos.
Create instructions
Create instructions quickly and easily in the app. Divide your processes, for example the assembly of a machine, into detailed steps and support them with pictures, videos and AR models.
Employees and customers can easily download instructions, models and videos and are able to access them offline at any time.
Augmented Reality Models
Upload CAD files and create AR models that customers can view from all sides and project into their location.
All advantages at a glance
Safe costs

Reduce your travel costs by offering your customers and service technicians simple and fast remote support with the help of AR solutions.

Creative Elements

Standardise and simplify processes by internally sharing instructions with employees and service technicians that can also be accessed offline.

Solve customer problems efficiently

Reduce downtime with fast, real-time troubleshooting support through video calls with screen sharing, AR models, videos and PDF tutorials.


Store all your instructions and guidelines safely and easily accessible in a database that is continuously expanded and simplify internal trainings and external support for recurring customer issues.