Due to the implementation of the ISO / TS 15066 standard the danger of collision with robots in HRI use cases are described precisely.

Thereby it’s distinguished between the impulse contact (shock) and the quasi-static contact (squeeze/bruise).

With TruPhysics RunSafe and the complementary module RC-Connect TruPhysics offers the possibility to calculate the individual speed of every possible point of robot system and to validate the programs in compliance with safety standards directly in virtual environment.

Following measurement values are possible:

– pressure and squeezing forces

– impact forces

– graphical depiction of force vectors (color-coded according to biomechanical limit values)

– maximum speed for permitted impact force (depending on body region and decelerated speed)

Simulation of quasi-static forces

Simulation of impulse contact forces

Cooperation partners sought

For knowledge transfer and further development of TruPhysics RunSafe to series production we are looking for cooperation partners from research and industry – especially with core competences in actors, sensors and robotics.

Further information on request via mail: groz@truphysics.com