Startup Autobahn by Plug and Play

Startup Autobahn by Plug and Play

We’re very proud to move to the temporary Startup spaces at Plug and Play Accelerator in Böblingerstr. 78 and enjoy time with amazing startup community in automotive sector. Don’t hesitate to visit us!

Our phone is currently off. in urgent cases please call +49 160 94425245.




TruPhysics @ Arena of Integration, Motek’ 16 in Stuttgart

Messelogo MotekLandesnetzwerk Mechatronik

We are happy to announce that we take part in the “Arena of Integration”  of Landesnetzwerks Mechatronik BW at Motek (International trade fair for automation in production and assembly) in Stuttgart from 10. – 13. October 2016 to present, how the displayed plant was designed and programmed efficiently by means of virtual commissioning.

For this purpose we created a digital twin of the whole plant that virtually models the material flow and the mechatronic concepts. By means of that virtual model the dependencies of the processes and the programming of the system can be pre-tested and validated.


Invitation by BITCOM to CeBIT hall 16, booth 31

keep-calm-and-wait-for-cebit-2015A VERY short term invitation to CeBIT ’15!!!

TruPhysics was elected innovation driver in the course of the motto “Industry 4.0” in GFT-designed hall Code_N.

For the first time we will present our current version of TruPhysics simulation in live operation!

You are warmly invited to visit us in hall 16 booth 31 (BITKOM – GetStarted)!


API for KUKA – KR C4


For the first time we managed to integrate the mechanics and actuator of an industrial robot – in this case the KUKA Kr 15-2 – into a 3D simulation.

Thus it’s now possible to run the digital twin of the real robot online in a physic based virtual environment via a real robot controller.2012-05-02_SmartPad_Standardansicht_(2480x3508)_v02_flat

The next step will be teaching the robot virtually via the intuitive surface in order to develop the robot code simultaneously to the installation of the facility. Thereby the commissioning period can be shortened.